Christmas Ballet Show 



Rehearsals are going great for the 2015 Christmas show to be held in Solstice Arts Centre on 5th and 6th December.

I’m a bit worried about the links between songs as the music is sometimes overly dramatic and builds to a crescendo. This often cannot be fixed until we do the full dress rehearsal, ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW, so I’m anticipating a few sleepless nights to come. I rely heavily on the senior students to fill in the gaps and they have never let me down.

The senior students are doing a fabulous job and their knowledge of the story is very helpful, although, we do have to leave out a few key scenes.  The giant marshmallow man for example is something we were just never going to be able to do on stage!!

This week I’m meeting with the lighting technician and stage manager of Solstice to go over what we need and to arrange the meeting with parents helping out back stage.

I’m also trying to organise fake snow, the snow machine and the larger props (the door is the main prop).

The programme is another thing on my ever growing “to do” list.

Thankfully, all the costumes are sorted now!

I can feel the excitement growing weekly, especially as last Saturday we had our costume week.  I think that is my favourite day of the year.  The look on their little faces when they see what they are going to wear is priceless and so worth any stress. Things like, trying to decide what we need, will it look good on the stage, contrasting colours and most especially, will the kids themselves like the costume. I also love to see the reaction of a new older student, who never wore a tutu before. They feel like they’ve been transported into a fairy-tale and makes me love even more, what I do.

Here is a sneaky pre view of some of the costumes, but not all of them, we need to leave some surprises for the night!!


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